Planters V Standard Size

Yeung's GRP Planters provide a remarkably useful combination of physical properties that contribute significantly to care-free durability in widely divergent environments, including hostile situations, and does it at low cost.

It is chemically resistant against a myriad of compounds and practically all household chemicals. G.R.P. is rated in the trade literature as having Good to Excellent resistance to acid attack and Fair to Good against alkali attack.

Bacterial and fungi growth are not supported by G.R.P. Planters., hence, it won't mildew, rot, nor, even degrade in their presence. Blows and bumps that would permanently dent or wrinkle sheet metal or concrete, leave the G.R.P. unscratched. Cost effectiveness of G.R.P. when compared to other planters, more conventional materials will vary from project to project. In most cases G.R.P. has proven to be a very cost-effective material.

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