Decorative Products

Fiberglass False Ceiling

Fiberglass False Ceilings in curved or doom shape are more economical than the traditional false ceilings made by plywood. Fiberglass ceilings are non-corrosive and non-oxidised, particularly when the locations of the premises near the sea.

  Fiberglass Signature bricks and features

G.R.P. can be employed for internal as well as external decorations. The durability properties of fiberglass laminates encourage people using more and more fiberglass components for their indoor and outdoor constructions. For example, the signature bricks and dolphin features gives Ocean Park an excellent impression to visitors and tourists. In addition, the weather resistance properties lead fiberglass to wider and wider scope of fiberglass in Hong Kong.
  Fiberglass Waffle Mould

Fiberglass waffle mould or concrete mould will gradually replace existing mould, which have made by steel or plywood. A fiberglass waffle mould can normally be reused over 100 times and the concrete surface is extremely smooth to F6 surface. Many architects and designers are more likely to use them for concrete production. Calculations and shop drawings are available on request.
  Fiberglass Rubbish Bin

Yeung's also play an important role in environmental care by manufacturing rubbish and recycling bins. Their attractive shapes and colours not only remind people that environmental protection is vitally important, but also can improve the impression of your area.
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Fiberglass Walkway Cover
Footbridge Cover
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Guard House - Standard size
Custom-made Guard House
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Custom-made Planters
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Aberdeen Canopy
Academy PA Cover
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Egg-shaped Sphere
Jelly Fish
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