Yeung's offers an outstanding range of top-quality fiberglass products manufactured to the highest standards and designed to meet the most demanding specifications.


Yeung's is a fiberglass product manufacturer and installer in Hong Kong since 1983. Our skills and experience in design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of fiberglass products lead us become one of the leading Hong Kong fiberglass manufacturer. We are confident that we provide the best fiberglass and service for your unique need.

In July 1986, we became one of the approved specialist suppliers of fiberglass products for the Hong Kong Government.

As a fiberglass specialist, we have devoted ourselves to provide the best quality products and services to our clients. Our products in Hong Kong are produced in well equipped working environment with highly advanced production facilities under rigid quality control system to ensure the quality of our products are the best in Hong Kong and Asia.


Yeung's Specializes in Fiberglass Fabrication For:

Architectural Cladding
Footbridge/walkway Cover
Check-in Counter
Waffle Mould
Decorative Mouldings/Feature
Refuse Collection Point
Water Tank
Decorative Columns
False Ceiling
Air Duct
Guard House
Portable Toilet
Litter Bin
Seats/Bar Seats
Basketball Board
Any design to your requirement

Architectural Claddings
Fiberglass Walkway Cover
Footbridge Cover
Decorative Mouldings
Decorative Features
Guard House - Standard size
Custom-made Guard House
Planters - Standard Size
Custom-made Planters
Grating, Channel, Ladder & Trench Cover
Water Tank
Decorative Products
Aberdeen Canopy
Academy PA Cover
Bus Sign
Egg-shaped Sphere
Jelly Fish
Tai Yuen Street
Siu Ho Wan Sewerage Treatment Plants (DSD Project)
Ap Lei Chau Rebeautification Project
Kowloon Tong Project
Signage Project
Penny's Bay Pier and Sham Mong Road Project
Shek Pak Wan Redevelopment Phase 1