ISO 9001:2000 certifications ISO 9001:2000 品質管理系統

楊氏玻璃纖維公司獲頒授玻璃纖維界首張ISO 9001:2000證書,再一次證明楊氏的品質管理已達到國際認可的標準。

楊氏玻璃纖維公司將會推行按照ISO9001:2000標準建立的品質管理系統,並以全無「不符合點」的成績,獲香港品質保證局頒授ISO 9001:2000證書。

ISO 9001:2000 是一項有關品質管理系統的國際標準。該標準制定了品質系統需求,及提供了一套用於確立、驗證及維持有效率的優質管理系統的架構,以符合用戶需求,令客戶滿意。

GRP in the Construction Industry
Products of Yeung's have been tested and approved by widely accepted international standards.


Yeung's - Meeting the highest Specifications
Yeung's Fiberglass products are manufactured to demanding specifications from the highest quality materials. All of our quality supplies are accredited with the following International Standards:



(E-Glass Roving)
BS 3396 Part 1:1996 Specification for loom-state fabrics
  BS 3396 Part 2:1995 Specification for de-sized fabrics
    Specification for finished fabrics for use with polyester resin systems
  BS 3396 Part 3:1995 Woven Roving fabrics for E-glass fibber for the reinforcement of Polyester resin.
  BS 3749:1996 Glass Fiber roving for the reinforcement of polyester and epoxide Resin system.
  BS 3691  
Polyester Resin GRP Laminate BS 3532:1995 Method of specifying unsaturated polyester resin systemsBS
  2782:1976 Mechanical Properties Test on Glass Reinforced Plastic
GRP Potable Water Tank BS 6920 Suitability of non-metallic products for use in contact with water intended for human consumption with regard to their effect on the quality of water
  BS 4994:1987 Specification for design and construction of vessels and tanks in reinforced plastics
  SS245:1981 Hydrostatic Pressure Test for water tank
Code of Practice of Wind Effect in HK 1993

Fire Rated to
BS 476 Part 3 External fire exposure roof test
BS 476 Part 6 Method of test for fire propagation for products
BS 476 Part 7 Method of test to determine the classification of the surface spread of flame of products

Meet the requirements for the Hong Kong Buildings Department (HKBD)

WATER TANK 玻璃纖維儲水箱

Water Research Centre (WRc) in the United Kingdom Approved Productsl
Hong Kong Water Authority (HKWA) Approved Products for GRP Potable Water Tank

Yeung's Fiberglass has been at the forefront of the water storage industry since 1983, specializing in the design and construction of water storage tanks in Glass Reinforced Plastics (GRP). We are renowned to be approved in the List of Approved Suppliers of Materials and Specialist Contractors for Public Works (the Specialist List).

We are recognized as one of the market leader in Hong Kong. Our expanding customer base embraces many major clients including – Government Authorities, Schools, Hospitals and the Construction Industry. From high rise flats to houses, our service remains First Class. Yeung's Fiberglass is approved by Hong Kong Water Authority, WRAS, WBS and Institute of Plumbing, UK.

GRP Sectional Tanks are extremely rugged but light to handle, which makes it ideal for use on sites with restricted access and for shipment into the most inaccessible areas of the world using the most basic means of transport. Assembly is simple and quick, requiring only handtools and the minimum of skilled labour.

Yeung's Fiberglass does not use sub-contract labour to build our tanks. Our fully trained operatives work full time only on our behalf throughout Hong Kong, Macau and China. There are there to respond to our customer’s demands, any changes in site requirements being immediately responded to.


本公司產品之客戶十分廣泛,其中包括大多數政府部門、學校、醫院及大小型基建及工程。而玻璃纖維儲水箱亦成為香港水務監督辦事處 (水務局) 、英國皇家水質研究中心、英國水質附屬法例委員會及英國水務學會認可產品。



Architectural Claddings
Fiberglass Walkway Cover
Footbridge Cover
Decorative Mouldings
Decorative Features
Guard House - Standard size
Custom-made Guard House
Planters - Standard Size
Custom-made Planters
Grating, Channel, Ladder & Trench Cover
Water Tank
Decorative Products
Aberdeen Canopy
Academy PA Cover
Bus Sign
Egg-shaped Sphere
Jelly Fish
Tai Yuen Street
Siu Ho Wan Sewerage Treatment Plants (DSD Project)
Ap Lei Chau Rebeautification Project
Kowloon Tong Project
Signage Project
Penny's Bay Pier and Sham Mong Road Project
Shek Pak Wan Redevelopment Phase 1